Explore Olympic's South Coast Trail Adventure

Discover Olympic's South Coast Trail Adventure

Start an unforgettable journey along Olympic's South Coast Trail, best experienced between May and October. Your adventure kicks off at Third Beach Trailhead, offering stunning coastal views and exciting challenges.

Gear Essentials: Make sure you're equipped with waterproof boots, lightweight clothing, and a reliable backpack. A bear canister for your food is a must.

Travel Tips: Utilize shuttle services to avoid parking issues and focus on the adventure.

Camping Spots: Camp at Toleak Point for sandy ocean views or Mosquito Creek for a cozy forest retreat. Connecting with fellow hikers along the way is easy and rewarding.

Curious about what more this trail offers? There's plenty to uncover on this incredible journey!

Trail Information

Plan Your Adventure on the South Coast Trail

When planning your adventure on the South Coast Trail, the ideal time for beach backpacking in Olympic National Park is from May to October. This trail offers a blend of stunning coastal views and challenging sections, perfect for those seeking freedom and exploration.

Trail Difficulty and Preparation

The South Coast Trail is moderately difficult and requires good preparation. You'll start at the Third Beach Trailhead, which has parking options. Make sure to get a wilderness permit either online or at the park.

Essential Tips

Water sources are available along the trail, but always filter the water before drinking. Pack out all your waste and follow fire regulations to keep the beaches pristine.

Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes and the sense of adventure this trail offers.

Gear Recommendations

Essential Gear for Trekking the South Coast Trail

When preparing for a trek on the South Coast Trail, packing the right gear is critical. Here's a list of essential items:


Start with sturdy, waterproof boots to handle the wet, rocky terrain.


Lightweight, quick-drying clothing is a must since you'll encounter both sun and rain. A quality rain jacket will keep you dry during unexpected showers.


A reliable backpack with a rain cover will safeguard your gear.

Food Storage:

Bring a bear canister to store food safely, as wildlife is common.

Cooking Equipment:

A compact, efficient stove will make meal prep easy.


A good water filter guarantees you stay hydrated.


Pack a detailed map and compass; cell service is spotty, and these tools will help you stay on track.

Shuttle Services

airport shuttle transportation service

Enjoy a Hassle-Free South Coast Trail Adventure with Shuttle Services

Planning a trip on the South Coast Trail? Simplify your transportation by using a shuttle service. This way, you can skip the parking headaches and the tiring return hike to your car. Shuttle services are convenient and eliminate the stress of organizing one-way routes.

They pick you up at the Third Beach Trailhead and drop you off at your starting point, making the whole process smooth and easy.

Focusing on the beauty around you becomes much easier without worrying about driving logistics. You might also meet fellow adventurers and exchange tips along the way. So, book a shuttle and experience your hike with total freedom.

As a manager of a sports business, I know how crucial it's to remove obstacles for a better experience. Shuttle services offer that seamless experience, allowing you to enjoy every moment of your hike.

Campsite Details

Campsite Highlights on the South Coast Trail

Toleak Point and Mosquito Creek are the main campsites along the South Coast Trail, each offering unique experiences for backpackers.

Toleak Point is ideal for those who love ocean views, with sandy beaches perfect for pitching tents. Fresh water is available from nearby streams, but remember to bring a water filter as purification is necessary.

Mosquito Creek offers a more secluded forest setting, providing a quieter spot for campers. Both campsites are equipped with bear canisters and established fire rings, making it easy to store food safely and enjoy a campfire.

Whether you're an experienced backpacker or trying camping for the first time, these campsites are great starting points for your adventure on the South Coast Trail.

Community Engagement

engaging with the community

Connecting with fellow hikers and sharing your experiences can make your South Coast Trail adventure even more rewarding. The community around this trail is friendly and eager to assist. Whether it's offering tips for difficult sections or suggesting the best campsites, engaging with others can provide valuable insights.

Feel free to ask questions or share your own advice in the comment section. Regular contributors like Frank Joseph and Randal Flagiello often leave useful notes and stories. Your shared experiences can help and inspire others planning their journeys.


Concluding your South Coast Trail adventure, you'll feel like you've hit the jackpot of outdoor experiences. With stunning views, challenging terrain, and unforgettable moments, this trek has it all.

You've got your gear, permits, and tips to make the journey smooth and safe. So, lace up your boots, pack your sense of adventure, and get ready to explore Olympic's breathtaking coastline.

Remember, the trail is calling, and it's time to answer!

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