Top Tips for Scoring Free Campsites Everywhere

Tips for Scoring Free Campsites Everywhere

Finding free campsites requires a bit of preparation and ingenuity. You can check out dispersed camping on USFS or BLM lands, or try boondocking in remote areas for a true wilderness experience. Apps like iOverlander and are excellent resources for locating these spots.

Always check fire regulations and bring plenty of water, as many sites don't have any. Use Google Maps or ask at ranger stations for local advice. Safety is key, so inform someone about your plans and pack essentials like a first-aid kit.

Ready for an adventure? Here are some practical tips to make your camping trips more enjoyable and stress-free.

Types of Free Camping

Different Ways to Enjoy Free Camping

Free camping offers various options to suit different tastes and surroundings. One popular choice is dispersed camping, where you set up camp on US Forest Service (USFS) or Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lands. This allows you to find your own spot away from crowded campsites, letting you connect more closely with nature.

For those traveling in RVs or on road trips, boondocking is a preferred method. You park your RV or vehicle in remote areas without any hookups, enjoying the simplicity of the wilderness.

If you're feeling adventurous, consider trying stealth camping in urban areas. This involves finding hidden spots in cities or towns where you can camp without being noticed.

Each type of free camping offers its own unique way to experience freedom on the road.

Finding Free Campsites

To get the most out of your free camping adventure, it's important to know where to find the best campsites. There are several apps and websites that can help you locate great spots without spending any money. Here are some useful resources:

App/Website Description
The Dyrt PRO Offers a 30-day membership for premium access
iOverlander Crowdsourced database of camping locations
All Stays Camp & RV Paid app with a variety of site listings Excellent for trip planning

Don't forget to use Google Maps for satellite views to scout potential spots. Road atlases and free maps from ranger stations can also be very helpful. Keep your sense of adventure, and you'll find the perfect campsite in no time. Happy camping!

Preparation and Tips

how to prepare effectively

Proper preparation and a few essential tips can make your free camping experience both enjoyable and safe. Always check fire regulations to avoid the risk of starting a wildfire. Bring plenty of water, as many free campsites often lack access to it.

Research your campsite options ahead of time using apps like iOverlander or Campendium to find the perfect spot. Pack safety items, including a first-aid kit and a waste management kit. Prioritize safety—let someone know where you're going and have a plan for emergencies.


You now have the tools and tips to find free campsites, so what's stopping you? Imagine the endless adventures and the savings you'll enjoy!

Just make sure to plan ahead, pack wisely, and always respect nature.

Whether it's a hidden forest spot or a peaceful lakeside campsite, your next great camping trip is just around the corner.

Enjoy your camping, and may your nights under the stars be truly memorable! Adventure is out there—go get it!

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