A modern and green solution to an age-old problem – Holey driveway wholly fixed

Picture the scene, you are a legionary in Julius Caesar’s army, you’re on your way back to Roma from subjugating Gaul. You’re feeling great, nothing can go wrong, you’re marching down a famously straight Roman road , life is good! When suddenly and without warning, you trip on what can only be described as a pothole and make a fool of yourself in front of your whole cohort.

This is just one example of what an age-old problem we are talking about here! Potholes have been an unholy, wholesale problem for as long as roads have been a thing – which is quite some time-!

This is a problem I discovered firsthand when I returned from a camping expedition last weekend. There had been a particularly cold frost -which made the camping less than enjoyable, but I digress-! This frost had wrought absolute havoc on my driveway and had caused several appallingly large potholes!

You know me, I’m not really the houseproud type, but they really were astonishingly big, noticeable scars on my otherwise pristine driveway. I resolved to fix them and fix them I did!

However, my initial zeal and drive to fix the holes DIY style was diminished somewhat when I saw just how expensive hot asphalt is! After minutes of panicked searching, as I weighed up the cost of fixing these holes with the hole that was about to appear in my pocket, I at least found my salvation.

Red Stag Materials, a local company, based in rural Aberdeenshire, finally graced my google search screen with the solution I had been looking for.

Turns out you can fix a pothole just as easily, using what’s called a cold asphalt solution. Instead of pouring in molten asphalt, which requires no small amount of machinery and coinage to make work, cold asphalt can simply be dumped into the pothole, packed down using a compactor (or in my case, my feet and the business end of a shovel!) and it will bind into the ripped abyss that was my driveway.

The thing that I really appreciated with this particularly product that Red Stag had supplied me with, is that while, yes, I admit, it was really easy to use and offered a very effective and quick solution, perhaps more importantly, it contained no diesel component, instead using bio-fuel.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog then you’ll know I love a green solution, so this feature was right up my alley!

I also found myself reflecting on the times we live in, we are so lucky to be able to purchase online, a product that when tipped into an asphalt pothole, will bind with the asphalt in the hole, and completely mend (or patch, as I’m told is the correct term in highway maintenance circles!) the hole with minimal time or money spent.

I have to hand it to Red Stag, I was skeptical when I had first heard about this cold asphalt solution. As is often the case, these things can turn out to be too good to be true. But as my eyes inspected my new ‘patched’ driveway, like a great lion surveying a savanna, I found myself admitting, it had done a damn good job of sorting my issue. The very next day, I was loading my land rover with my camping gear again, and I realized I had parked it, directly on top of one of the potholes I had patched with Red Stag’s product. Not only was it taking the weight of my fully laden 4×4, it was so well disguised that I hadn’t even noticed it!

All in all I can thoroughly recommend Red Stag Materials and their incredible product, if you ever have similar problems to myself, you should definitely consider checking them out!

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