Never Have These Colors In Your Tackle Box

I have been fishing with an old friend lately named Joe. I have known him since he was born 38 years ago, 39 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Joe!

We have been fishing at a lake I love to fish, mainly because of the big bass there. If you’re a Bass Fishing Newsletter Subscriber, you know where I’m talking about. Anyway, if you look in most peoples tackle boxes you will find normal color lures like grape, black, brown, purple, and the normal colors for lures. Joe is a different story……

When you look in Joe’s tackle box you see some of the ugliest lures you have ever seen. Lures like a bright green tube that you almost need sunglasses to look at it. Or his green frog that is so far from any color of a frog that you wonder where he got it and why anyone would purchase that color to begin with to fish for bass.

So, what is my point? Well, he catches bass on these darn lures. I mean I wouldn’t even want people to know I even have them in my tackle box but he is proud as he can be of them and uses them regularly and catches fish with them. I have to start asking myself if maybe I should invest in a few of them. They go against everything I have ever read about choosing a color to fish in stained water. He has caught bass with them on sunny days, cloudy days and days when it was raining.

The first time he used them and hooked two bass, I thought it was just luck. Well, then he caught two more bass tonight on them while I didn’t even have a good strike, using the normal colored lures most bass fishermen use. Not some fluorescent bright green things like he uses.

Ok, now if you read most articles about fishing stained water, you will read to use dark colored lures like black and grape because the dark colors in stained water show up better. I might have to change my perception on this if he continues to catch fish the way he does on these bright fluorescent colors.

Well, I was informed tonight, he has a lure that he made and he has never seen another lure like it anywhere. I can hardly wait to see this thing. I bet it is bright pink or something. He also tells me he has caught bass on it. If this lure come out to be another fluorescent bright color like he has been using and catches bass, I am going to tell him the new rules are that he can’t use them anymore when we fish together because the colors embarrass me when people see them. Its on a par with using a full sized outboard when a trolling motor will do – its just plain unnecessary.

So, you might be asking yourself….what is the point in this post? I am going to tell you here and now. Just because you have never read about a pro using a different color lure doesn’t mean it isn’t going to work and catch bass. If nothing else, Joe has made me a believer in that statement. Just because you have never seen a color in another humans tackle box doesn’t mean it isn’t any good.

I am going to start buying bright colored lures like I would have never dreamed of owning before this year fishing with Joe. Then when someone laughs at me and makes statements to me, like I did Joe and I drag in the bass using it, they will probably be buying these stupid bright fluorescent colors too.

The last thing he said to me tonight after his usual bragging (the rare times he catches more fish than me) was “Hey, maybe you should get your newsletter and read some of the articles there”.

Happy Birthday Joe….maybe I let you catch the most bass because it’s your birthday tomorrow…..maybe not.


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