Whats The Secret of Becoming a Super Affiliate?

It’s a sad fact but it’s true that 80% of affiliates make little or no money at all from affiliate programs. 15% earn an average income. And the remaining 5% make the majority of sales, hence they earn substantial amount of money from these programs. They are also known as super affiliates.

How To Become like these affiliate programs gurus is a question that the vast majority of the not as successful affiliates ask themselves.

There is no magic or sudden miracle to become so successful. What is needed is to learn how to use the right techniques and strategies before getting started and then persist in that direction. For although you are in the right way, patience is crucial for success. Earning tons of money can’t be done overnight may it be online or offline.

Unless you win a jackpot at Las Vegas or the lottery. So you must be realistic. Some affiliates think that just putting a banner on their site will bring their sales rolling in. But sadly to tell, that’s not true. They need to change their tactics and rather than going in a passive approach of promoting their affiliate products, they should rather be proactive in doing it.

To become a Top-Selling Affiliate, it is fundamental that you follow some real proven methods in order to succeed. Any affiliate can make respectable income with affiliate programs if they follow the recommended guidelines.

Below are 8 common traits that these super affiliates share in common:

(1) They invest their time in the learning process.

Learning is very important whether to know about the product and the website you are promoting and it’s an ongoing process in life itself. Don’t hurry to promote the product blindly. Learn as much as you can about the product itself. Hence you should buy the product first. More on this in the second trait.

(2) They purchase the product they are selling

It is of fundamental importance that you know what you are selling. Take a simple example in the offline world itself, sales people market products that they know about. It’s the same as in the online world. Affiliates can have the synonymn of online sales people.

For the fact that affiliates are hidden behind their website, they tend to think they can market their products without having used it before. That’s a misconception about affiliates who make big money and those who make a few or not at all.

Consider that the person at the other end of the network is just a real person you are talking to face to face, to market your products. Consider that real person as a good friend or a family. Remember succeeding on the web is all about building relationship.

Don’t forget, if you are recommending a product to someone else, it needs to offer great value for your reputation is at risk. How can you recommend honestly a product if you haven’t purchased it in the first place?

So purchasing the product first is vital. Why will someone buy a product from you if you yourself haven’t experienced it before?

(3) They are unique

Many affiliate programs provide advertising copy, pre-written emails, articles or other promotional tools that you can use to market their products. You can also choose from a number of banners that they provide.

If you want to become a super affiliate, don’t use them. How many times have you seen the same stuff on several websites each promoting the same thing. Many people are used to seeing these same graphics or text that soon, they will learn to ignore it automatically. You could have avoid losing potential sales if you invented your own recipe of promoting that product.

(4) They answer their emails promptly

Sometimes, a visitor is interested in your offer but feels a bit unsure. Hence this person can email you with additional queries or questions. Respond to them in a courteous manner and be prompt.

(5) They tell the truth

If you make a false claim about a product you are selling, chances are you will end up with a dissatisfied customer which in turn may spread the word about you. Be honest and always tell the truth. Keep your customers happy and they will come back. If you don’t know much about a particular product, then don’t promote it.

(6) They endorse the product they are selling

Again, this comes back to buying the product first. If you truly like the product you have purchased for it has benefited you in a way or another or has given you satisfaction, you will be able to provide a personal and sincere endorsement or recommendation may it be through email or your website. And this by far outsells advertising banners or any other types of promotional tools. It’s a bit like a testimonial.

(7) They experiment and experiment…

Some marketing techniques will produce more effective results than others. Experiment and learn from your successes and failures and try to progress.

(8) They concentrate on only a few programs

This is a hidden secret that the top affiliates share in common. Affiliates that think they will become rich by joining many affiliate programs and promoting all of them at once are completely wrong. By focussing on too many programs, your website will look like a giant flea market.

And you won’t be able to concentrate and focus on a specific program. The most important thing to do is actually to choose a few programs and promote one or two quality products to the best of your ability.

There is no special “trick” to making money with affiliate programs. You have to see the logical aspect involving affiliate programs. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. Just place side by side the strategies of the super affiliate and that of the affiliate that make no money. With whom would you prefer to buy? The answer is logical.

That’s why the super affiliate population is small compared to the other affiliates. Not many affiliates are willing to follow all these good rules. To become that top performing affiliate, you need to work hard first, then the results will come later. Don’t expect results without any work. That’s just the fact in real life too.

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